V-TIP now supports permalink edits and short codes

Want to let your friends know about those pictures you uploaded to V-TIP?  Saw a laugh out lout funny video that your sister would love to see?  You need as much space in that text message as possible.

Now V-TIP.COM has short codes.  With short codes, you only require the ten characters in our website name and three other digits.  That’s even shorter than bitly the url shortener!! Plus, you can now edit your permalinks in case the automatically generated ones are not to your liking.

It just keeps getting better and better with V-TIP.COM.


V-TIP now has document transcoding


V-TIP.COM now has document transcoding.   With document transcoding  members can share text documents written in the most popular formats, word, txt, odt or pdf.  Upload your files the same way you would upload a video or a picture and V-TIP will convert them to the most common format on the web — pdf.

Have a script or a resume you want to send to VTIP Productions? Have a favorite recipe to share?  Now you can with a few clicks.


Post uploads to your profile page and notify

Continuing our development of V-TIP.COM, we have added two new features,

First, you can now post directly to your profile page after upload. On step 4 of upload click “post to profile page”, then select public or private post. Click done. Now find your playlist or album on your profile page.

Second, you can now upload and notify. At Step 4, you can send out notifications to friends to let them know those pictures or that video you’ve been talking about is ready to be seen.