Let’s Talk Donald Trump

Donald Trump slogan
Make America Great Again – Donald Trump


Let’s Talk Brooklyn is doing a new web series where they talk to people who are concerned about the new administration’s plans to for America.


What does the slogan Make America Great Again, mean to you?   If you or a group of you are interested in talking to the producers of Let’s Talk Brooklyn check out the show’s web page for more details.


V-TIP now has document transcoding


V-TIP.COM now has document transcoding.   With document transcoding  members can share text documents written in the most popular formats, word, txt, odt or pdf.  Upload your files the same way you would upload a video or a picture and V-TIP will convert them to the most common format on the web — pdf.

Have a script or a resume you want to send to VTIP Productions? Have a favorite recipe to share?  Now you can with a few clicks.


Post uploads to your profile page and notify

Continuing our development of V-TIP.COM, we have added two new features,

First, you can now post directly to your profile page after upload. On step 4 of upload click “post to profile page”, then select public or private post. Click done. Now find your playlist or album on your profile page.

Second, you can now upload and notify. At Step 4, you can send out notifications to friends to let them know those pictures or that video you’ve been talking about is ready to be seen.


We are proud to announce microdata and notifications on V-TIP

V-TIP continues to innovate and grow in spite of tough challenges with funding. But VTIP Entertainment, LLC continues to plug along with new functions and features that will help members and visitors alike have a better experience on V-TIP.COM.


  • Notify by email – The notification section of Mail and Messages is now functional.  Receive emails when logged off so you do not miss a single message from friends, friend request, notifications when uploads and transcodes are completed and new posts are made to your profile page or replies made to comments you posted.
  • Microdata and custom microdata tool – All uploads on V-TIP.COM will now contain microdata. With microdata public albums and playlists have structured data markup embedded in the html of every page. This data is what Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines look for when trying to find content on the web. If you’re an artist trying to get your work found, you will also have access to our custom microdata tool. Learn about microdata and rich snippets on Google Webmaster Tool or at schema.org. Test the url to your web page by going to Google’s testing page. If you can master the tool, you can customize your content for optimal seo.


See our FAQ and knowledge base for more on microdata.