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Happy to announce V-TIP.COM has moved its blog from Lifetype to WordPress.


Why?  Although Lifetype served us well, its clear the development of the code ended back in 2010.  Forum posts indicated three years ago that Lifetype was not resuming in 2.0 fashion.  Updates were yearly and mere security fixes.


Recently I discovered WordPress (which is the Phpbb of blogging). With its 3.0 version came multi-user and multi-blogging, something I thought was only possible with Lifetype.


Design changes for V-TIP.COM on a whole will begin this fall. With that and Lifetype’s aging templates and infrastructure I realized it was time to go.


I loved Lifetype while we had it.  But its time to move on.


As always this blog will feature the best of what is happening with V-TIP.COM and VTIP Entertainment.  We hope to debut new series, offer new features and break new ground in the years to come.


If you are an artist (writer, musician, actor, comedian, stunt person, whatever) please contact us.  Maybe we can do business.


If you are a visitor, while you’re hear check out our web series The Shop and our mini-web short, the Adventures of Tangie.   Comment and let us know how we’re doing.


Thanks.  Hope to see you soon.

Eric Small

Owner, V-TIP.COM


Warning and caveats when using a beta site.

V-TIP.COM is not a finished website, far from it (but is any website truly ever finished?).

Anyway, we want to warn you, as of right now V-TIP.COM is in a functional beta stage.  That means the website works and to the best of our knowledge you should not have any problems.  But we want to stress caution because V-TIP is still being tested and may yet have bugs we are not prepared for. 

While we are in beta stage your data is less safe and secure then when we are not in beta stage.  There may be crashes due to tons of hits to our site (god I hope so). The site may be slower than usual and under rare occasions completely unavailable.  Data could get lost (highly unlikely, but possible) so do not upload your only copy of family movies and throw out the originals.

Also you will find a lot of branding on the site.  Anything you upload to our site will bear the V-TIP logo.  We’re a new company and we will work hard getting the word out about V<DASH>TIP.COM.  We want people to get so used to the domain name that people will think VTIP.COM looks downright strange without the dash.

In closing, I want to leave with this these parting thoughts — upload your data with care, have fun, keep it clean and tell a friend.


What you’re getting into joining this site.

We won’t bore anyone with the details of who we are.  The background of V-TIP.COM, its mission and what we stand for can be found in the ABOUT US section.   In future blog messages, we want to explain what we like to call “the new economy” and what it means to V-TIP.COM.  This blog (and accompanying discussions on message boards) will be an open dialogue centered around what you expect from us and what we expect from you.  We will discuss how we intend to fulfill a dream of treating artists who come and debut their work here, those who partner with us, advertise on our website, sell on our website, accept our tip dollars and most importantly our members like no other website out there. 

Founder Eric Darnley Small made two things his goal when he created V-TIP.COM.  #1 was to create a diverse landscape with diverse content, opinions and view points for viewers of all backgrounds (race, creed, class, culture, etc).  #2 was to create a site where we incentivize giving and bring together a community of entrepreneurs, artists, advertisers and inventors that support each other, empower each other, communicate with each other using the power of the world wide web.  It is succeeding in these two things that will make V-TIP.COM a success.  Our goal is not to have a billion members, or billion hits, but a million active, engaged and excited members.

So again, welcome and stay tuned.


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