The World As I Like It To Be

Last summer, VTIP Productions debuted a new audio series (aka podcast), The World As I Like It To Be.

The series, hosted by Eric Darnley Small, covers a variety of topics.

Episodes include topics on politics, religion, health and well being.

Beginning this week, the series can be found at Apple Podcast.

For those readers who use the apple podcast app, look for it there.

For those members who are interested in becoming a podcaster, take a look at our new free service for V-TIP members.


Watch The Shop: The Plan

The Shop: The Plan –   When Ashley discovers her poetry blog was hacked by Owen, she demands he stay as far away from her as possible.  Meanwhile, Taylor’s father’s plan to avoid bankruptcy rests on his daughter’s shoulders.  Taylor’s only hope is to somehow convince Raoul to help without revealing her father’s broke.  Owen rethinks his agreement with Perry.



The Shop is a comedic web series about Owen and his father Perry Ryan who own a small coffee shop in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn.  Working with Owen is best friend and financially strapped Terrance,  hopelessly self centered primadonna Taylor,  angry and complicated Cuban-American Raoul and Owen’s tough as nails ex girlfriend Ashley.


View this episode on YouTube here.     Watch Episode One here.


About the cast:


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Watch The Shop: Pilot

VTIP Entertainment is proud to present its very first web series.  A comedy we hope you enjoy called The Shop.


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