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Happy to announce V-TIP.COM has moved its blog from Lifetype to WordPress.


Why?  Although Lifetype served us well, its clear the development of the code ended back in 2010.  Forum posts indicated three years ago that Lifetype was not resuming in 2.0 fashion.  Updates were yearly and mere security fixes.


Recently I discovered WordPress (which is the Phpbb of blogging). With its 3.0 version came multi-user and multi-blogging, something I thought was only possible with Lifetype.


Design changes for V-TIP.COM on a whole will begin this fall. With that and Lifetype’s aging templates and infrastructure I realized it was time to go.


I loved Lifetype while we had it.  But its time to move on.


As always this blog will feature the best of what is happening with V-TIP.COM and VTIP Entertainment.  We hope to debut new series, offer new features and break new ground in the years to come.


If you are an artist (writer, musician, actor, comedian, stunt person, whatever) please contact us.  Maybe we can do business.


If you are a visitor, while you’re hear check out our web series The Shop and our mini-web short, the Adventures of Tangie.   Comment and let us know how we’re doing.


Thanks.  Hope to see you soon.

Eric Small

Owner, V-TIP.COM


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