What you’re getting into joining this site.

We won’t bore anyone with the details of who we are.  The background of V-TIP.COM, its mission and what we stand for can be found in the ABOUT US section.   In future blog messages, we want to explain what we like to call “the new economy” and what it means to V-TIP.COM.  This blog (and accompanying discussions on message boards) will be an open dialogue centered around what you expect from us and what we expect from you.  We will discuss how we intend to fulfill a dream of treating artists who come and debut their work here, those who partner with us, advertise on our website, sell on our website, accept our tip dollars and most importantly our members like no other website out there. 

Founder Eric Darnley Small made two things his goal when he created V-TIP.COM.  #1 was to create a diverse landscape with diverse content, opinions and view points for viewers of all backgrounds (race, creed, class, culture, etc).  #2 was to create a site where we incentivize giving and bring together a community of entrepreneurs, artists, advertisers and inventors that support each other, empower each other, communicate with each other using the power of the world wide web.  It is succeeding in these two things that will make V-TIP.COM a success.  Our goal is not to have a billion members, or billion hits, but a million active, engaged and excited members.

So again, welcome and stay tuned.


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